The Sound Staffing LLC

The Sound Staffing LLC, aka TSS, was founded by Heidi Macomber in May 2018. The progressively difficult trends in the recruitment market have forced my hand to look for other opportunities in the industry where I can make a difference. I am no longer operating under the umbrella of an agency, but am working on small, contingency recruitment projects.

Recruiting is not just a job, it is a lifestyle. To do it right you need a passionate dedication to strategy, you must be a bit of a technical Internet wizard, a sleuth, a lie detector, and own the fortitude and barrier reef persona that is resistant to the word ‘No’. You must also have the ability to talk for days.

Heidi Macomber, 2020

If you have questions regarding consulting, please reach out to me on LinkedIn.

May you always be stronger than any excuse.

*If you are a recruiter and would like to give independent recruiting a try, check out It may be the start you need to transition on your own if that is your goal.