The Sound Staffing LLC

The Sound Staffing LLC aka TSS 

I founded The Sound Staffing in 2018. I finally discovered a place that could contain all of my knowledge and skills and interests. I can bust my butt all day every day and every ounce of that effort gets invested back in me. There is not a better feeling in the whole wide world that beats that. Well, other than making the perfect sweet placement!

My Dad once told me that I shoot straight from the hip. I don’t sugar coat often. If you want help figuring out the problem, then ask me, I’ll tell you. This is what works in the business of talent acquisition. If you want to work with me, then we both need to agree on this. You can be as upfront as it gets and I’m not going to be offended. We have a job to get done, so let’s do it.

I have met some pretty amazing people who are ready to move when the right opportunity comes along. To me, there is no such thing as a passive candidate, I prefer to call them Unsatisfied Candidates because they are waiting. Sure they are in a good place now, but it is never perfect. Am I right? So, the way I see it, if you want the best candidate,  you should pursue them like they are the best athlete for your team. The One you need to make all the difference.

Top people only make a move when it’s right for them. So let’s talk about how your company is The One.