Hello. It’s 2021 and the world of work is coming out of the shadows and finally moving forward with hiring, growth, and hope.

If you are looking for work in tech, healthcare, or sales, send me your email and the title of your current role and what role you are seeking. You should be able to write a brief summary telling me your elevator pitch, what background, education, experience do you have that supports the role you want to obtain?

How does this work? I will look in my network for jobs that might be a fit. If I have one, I will send you a link to the role so you can decide if you would be interested, then we schedule time to talk.

I am currently working full-time in HR and am recruiting and selling insurance as my side-hustle on my days off. I am generally available Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Please know that I only get paid when the candidates I submit get hired and sometimes that takes a very long time. I can only help you if it is mutually beneficial to me to help you get hired.

Please send your email to agent @ and include the summary statement, current job title, job title(s) desired, and an updated resume. Or you can connect with me on LinkedIn and upload the same information there. *Note, if you are not currently working, that is okay, tell me what your previous job title has been. Hiring manager’s are not always as progressive as we would hope and job title history is an indicator of what you are capable of in their world (I don’t agree with this philosophy).