Heidi’s Gifts

Heidi’s Custom Quilts and Pillows

I have been a crafter since I was a little girl. My mother and grandmother were both passionate about sewing so it was only natural that it would end up being one of my passions.

For years I have made custom quilts and handmade projects for family and friends and only recently decided why not take some of these requests for custom orders? So this page showcases some of my work, projects I’ve completed, new projects in the making and of course a link to items for sale. I am opening an Etsy store and have a store on Amazon handmade that will cover a wider variety of my projects (which was formerly under HauliBrown). I have some updating to do but here is my start.

Have a custom request? Want to know when the new site is up and running? Please reach out and send me an email. I will put you on the mailing list!

Pipsqueak toddler pillow with 2 custom pillow cases

I will be selling cute custom pillow cases with the child’s name embroidered on them and include this adorable Pipsqueak washable, pillow. I love these! They are better than the ones I make myself and that means they are high quality and can take a beating.

Two custom pillow cases – embroidery will have the baby’s first name or 3 initials on the cuff.

Quilts and baby blankets

Home – Soup Bowl Cozies, egg apron, wide kitchen towels, valance, bags

I like making special things. Finding a way to let the gift recipient know that alot of love, hard work and care went in to their gift. Like the blue soup bowl cozies below, these were for a couple getting married. I hand stitched a custom logo that was a combination of their initials that together created the letter H, for a last name that started with H. *PS, thank you to my sister Dawn for coming up with the logo idea. You can see it better in the large cotton towels right next to the soup bowl cozies.

More Home – Curtains, floor pillow, rope basket, rugs, graduation doll

I probably will never do a room darkening drape again, but these really do work like a charm in a child’s room. You can see that I like detail, the little things that help create a unique gift. This rope bowl was my first, I have developed a better way to encase the rope like a sock before sewing it together and will probably include these in the store as they will make a nice customizable gift. The graduation doll below was made to look like it’s owner. I had some fun researching the proper grad gown, right down to the sleeve and neck cowl. This graduation was a really big accomplishment and I wanted the recipient to know that I am very proud.

Clothing – wearables

I will be doing more custom clothing. I have done some research on tailoring form the 1800’s and boy do they have some great systems for making sure clothing fit. They did not have stretchy fabric that we have today so their clothing had to fit perfectly, endure constant washing and wear and look fabulous every time it was worn. I have some ideas, especially for plus size girls looking for flattering clothing that they feel amazing in.

My mask making has improved. I now use adjustable straps, include a stamped cotton fabric on the interior that dries quickly and implemented a nice front support using a zip tie to keep the mask from touching the face. The nose now includes a bendable piece to help with fit.

Wondering what those triangles are below? Those are peepee teepees for parents expecting their first boy. They are self explanatory.

I am a hat lover! I would be so happy if they would come back in style. I will be making some hats for the new site too.

Personal Care Products

I am definintely looking for a wholesale silk pillow case and plan to hand embroider these with first names for customer gift ideas.

I also plan to sell a variety of items I previously produced and sold under the name HauliBrown. This will include my soap coats, premade face masks and more.