Hi there. Welcome to one of my creative outlets, my small business dubbed HauliBrown. I make and sell my products on Amazon Handmade.

I don’t know about you but I have to have a creative outlet. No matter what I’m doing in my day, I have to feel that I am doing something creative that grows my spirit and lets my better self blossom. I like to think I can come home to this world no matter what time my ‘real’ work day ends and no matter what that day brings. There is always a creative outlet waiting for me.

I have always felt a need to create things that I need that I cannot buy. Whether they simply don’t exist yet or they cost too much or they are just not good enough to meet my priorities list, I can usually make it. If I can’t make it I can at least explore through writing or research.

Something important to me is skincare. I don’t care too much for chemicals and since my family and I are pretty careful about what toxins we put in our body, I have found ways to eliminate toxic chemicals we put on our bodies in the form of handmade skin care products.

I like things simple and too the point. I like to save money and just as important, I like to save time. The products I have designed are meant to be ecologically friendly, economically friendly and good for you.