I am and always will be an entrepreneur. I am a tinker, a big picture thinker and am always pondering over problems or things that don’t work and what could be done to change that. I can thank my family for this mindset. The following are businesses I have created.

You will see that creating things is a big part of who I am. I love to sew and can say that sewing has taught me how to organize my vision, follow a pattern and iterate until I get what I want. It has also taught me patience and how to swear like a sailor when seeing a particularly complicated project through to completion. I am a member of MOFAs on FaceBook. If you create (fiber arts), look it up.

Licensed Insurance Agent

During COVID, I became a licensed life, accident and health insurance agent. I have looked in to selling Medicare insurance as this is what originally interested me in pursuing licensing. Medicare has always been this giant, a major giver and taker of life saving care as seen through my eyes working in dialysis clinics. I wanted to know more.

Since obtaining licences, I learned that there are upstreams and downstream players. Being new to the industry, it is difficult (but not impossible) to be an independent agent, however, carriers would much rather you work for an ‘upline’ so another company who is a middle man. This does kill the buzz I had about finding something that I could do as a small business. There is a MLM feel to the entire industry that is not yet sitting right with me so it is currently being placed on hold until further notice. The knowledge I have gained will help with my friends and family and even my own questions as we all age. Knowledge is never a waste, it can always be used.

The Sound Staffing aka TSS – Ever since I started working at Bersin and Associates, I fell in love with Human Resources. I worked with onboarding new clients, troubleshooting account setups, helping clients locate research materials. I spoke with leaders of industry about HR and I absolutely loved it. I enrolled in the MBA HRM program with Excelsior College in Albany, NY almost immediately after starting with Bersin and followed the program through to completion even after a heart breaking layoff when Bersin was in the early days of being acquired by Deloitte. I began working for DaVita in the final year of graduate school and found ways to incorporate the knowledge I gained to assist wherever and whenever they needed me. I worked in 5 states: NY, HI, AZ, CA and WA as a clinical administrative assistant for DaVita but had amazing opportunities helping setup a denovo clinic, work on a remote team of patient admissions in Arizona, an acquired clinic in California. I did payroll, onboarded new employees, setup vendors, explained benefits, helped staff a new clinic and develop a plan to shift search from mainland travelers to training and growing talent that was already on the island. The entire journey culminated in opening my own staffing and recruiting agency in Renton, WA after completing a recruiter certification program with I recently closed TSS and am working on small recruiting projects while I grow my HR Learning Podcast and figure out what my next adventure will be.

HauliBrown – I created a line of skincare products such as my soap coats. I currently do not have any for sale on If you’d like to work with me to get this manufactured, I’d love to talk about a possible partnership.

HauliBrown Soap Coat by Heidi Macomber
Soap Coats are reusable coats for soap. They are great for exfoliation but even better for holding on to every last bit of a bar. Soap Coats make bars of soap easier to hold.

Karmagrams – a project that took me four years to get off the ground and the day it finally worked, someone notified me they were granted the trademark and I was out of business. I created the idea of sending someone an anonymous card with your choice of karma quotes. Lesson learned. Protect what you create or live the heartbreak of letting it go.

This is what my original Karmagrams looked like. Buyers could include a personal message on the back of the card.
My original Karmagrams logo that I hired someone to create for me.

A1Agility Dog – What started with the fun of a silly Jack Russel puppy named Gilli, I created a small dog agility equipment business and operated it out of my garage. This quickly spilled into my yard as I expanded operations. My sales were all Internet based, I sold all over the country and even had a few international orders. I was eventually shut down by code enforcement for running a commercial enterprise in a residential area. Regrets abound to this day that I did not pursue opening a store in the area to continue this business that took off with relatively no competition in the early days of dog agility.