Employee Expense Reimbursement

I received a blog update from HR Defense by Akerman regarding new employer obligations imposed by law passed in Illinois today. It covers employee expense reimbursement, New Poster/Notice Requirement and Right to Sue Requests, Equal Pay for African-American Employees, Nursing Mothers, The Illinois Service Member and Reemployment Rights Act, and Expanded Time to File Discrimination … More Employee Expense Reimbursement

What Does a Good Hire Look Like – Make Sure the Hiring Team is in Consensus

Hiring and why collaborating to establish with the team what a good hire looks like on paper before you start the process can improve your results. If you work in HR and are responsible for recruiting, you know that finding the right candidate is not as easy as it sounds, especially in today’s market where … More What Does a Good Hire Look Like – Make Sure the Hiring Team is in Consensus

Judge Rules ACA Unconstitutional?

I was scanning my email this morning and saw an article by Joel Wallace and Tara L. Kurtis with The National Law Review titled ‘U.S. Pharmaceutical and Biologics Industries Could See Steep Potential Consequences from Texas Judge’s ACA Decision.‘ The article was written to promote how the ruling will impact U.S. pharmaceutical and biologics industries … More Judge Rules ACA Unconstitutional?

Age Discrimination & Affirmative Action

Have you seen how Wikipedia defines Affirmative Action?  Protecting Members…My question is when will we as people of the planet experiencing population longevity and retirement delays band together to put a stop to Age Discrimination in Employment that will really have an impact? Affirmative action, also known as reservation in India and Nepal, positive action … More Age Discrimination & Affirmative Action

20% Rule Rescinded with FLSA2018-27

Yes, it’s true. The Department of Labor issued guidance November 8, 2018 regarding “Side Work” and the FLSAs Restaurant Tip Credit (29 CFR 531.59 The Tip Wage Credit, Section 3(m)  Osha Safety and Health Act). They reissued Opinion Letter FLSA2009-23, gave it a new name, FLSA2018-27.  Per  Epstein Becker Green (2018)Epstein Becker Green (2018), the … More 20% Rule Rescinded with FLSA2018-27