I completed an MBA in HR Management July 2015 from Excelsior College. I also have a BS in Business, Management and Economics with a concentration in Information Systems from SUNY Empire State College. I have a 6 month certificate in HIT, the Health Information Technology, Practice Work Flow and Information Management Redesign Specialist program from University of Hawaii Community Colleges.  I have other degrees at the associate level as well as classes in started programs that I left behind to pursue other interests. I have been going to school since High School and at this point in my life (I am now 50), none of it has culminated in a career as I am still unable to push beyond the secretarial barrier into management.

I am what my family refers to as a lifelong student. I have been confused for decades as a smart person because I keep going to school. From my perspective, I could have been smarter. I have found that an education without simultaneous experience in the field is worthless in the eyes of the hiring marketplace.

I am trying to stay busy while seeking work, I decided I would start writing down some of my experiences and perhaps offer some suggestions on topics such as management, hiring, customer service, online college, running a household and parenting. Who knows who will read this and be able to relate. If you do, let me know. I’d sure like to know I’m not alone out here.



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