Extraordinary Following

Tonight I am writing because over the course of a day I have had a complete change of thought on using Twitter to connect with other authors. I am highly concerned that there is a massive herd mentality happening where people get stuck in a routine of simply seeking a follower with no end goal of converting that follower into a potential collaborator, connection or sale.

How can this be? Have we all become so blind to our own interests that we are missing the bigger picture? Are we really just a million worker ants with our heads down blindly following the ant in front of us, hoping they know what they are doing? Could we all be blindly following with no intention of every really connecting?

I feel like we have massive power as a group. We have similar interests and experiences and hopefully concerns that we all care about. I wrote to the #WritersCommunity on Twitter today and although many people retweeted my post, there were no replies. I wanted to know who had experienced releasing an ebook on Kindle Unlimited or Barnes and Noble Press and then found that it had been pirated and was available on a pirated books website. If they had experienced this, I wanted to know whether despite this, would they still recommend selling their books online.

The confusing part of this is that I follow many writers on TikTok, FaceBook and Instagram and they currently have a large discussion happening right now about how rampant the problem is and that neither Amazon, Barnes and Noble nor any other entity is doing anything to prevent this theft.

I have realized that the only way to move forward with Indie Publishing is to do what is in our control. Claims for copyright registration have been filed with the US Copyright Office, ISBNs have been purchased from Bowker. Editing is in full swing with an application in the works for Ingram Spark. Once the approval is received, we will pursue the Library of Congress registration and then allow the book to be released. It’s a long road with no guarantee but somehow knowing that these steps are being taken first, helps add a bit of faith that The Dream Dealer’s Daughter will reach the intended market.

If you too are marketing a book and have anything to share, I would love to hear from you.

Here’s to a beautiful Tuesday.

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