#LIKENSHARESociety is Born

Today is the day! We are one month in to Twitter Spaces and have finally settled on a name for our group. We are officially the #LikeNShareSociety. All creatives from all genres are welcome. The goal of the group is to like, subscribe and share each other’s work. This is a powerful way for creatives to help other creatives without having to spend money.

Visit us today, 2/19/22 at 10:30 am central time on Twitter Spaces to learn more about us.

Today’s link: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1MYxNnEkznQxw

We will be sharing our game plan on how to organize and better make an impact. The meeting will begin with introductions by the host, Agent Heidi (me) and Author Emily Macomber (@AuthorEMacomber) on Twitter Spaces. We will provide the link to the new FaceBook page as well as a link to the Google Sheets doc where everyone can signup to get their link ‘lifted’.

Next we allow those requesting to speak in order of request to do a 3 minute elevator pitch about their art. We ask each creative to pin the link they want shared to their Twitter account to make it easier for us to share to the group.

As a group we will like, retweet and follow each creative in attendance.

Initially this Spaces meeting was to last a half hour. Based on turnout we will have to extend it. We as a group will figure out how to work the Google Sheet to make sure everyone gets ‘lifted’ throughout the week.


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