2022 Be More Me Movement

Well hello. You may have noticed I no longer write about employment, HR, or anything to do with the world of work. I stepped away last summer to pursue other interests because I was tired of the HR requirements (that I obtained) that were never an actual consideration or rule by any employer I ever worked for to use. The credentials were nothing more than a check box to show the world that they were one thing but in reality, they did not give a hoot about that thing they wanted you to know all about. The rules they wanted you to know were simply a front. HR has no backbone and no say in what and how employers should manage their leadership and without that power to intervene when a rogue manager breaks the rules, well, you can see it for yourself. The world of work just keeps falling down a disgusting slippery slope, failing to change its ways because the odds and costs of getting caught are ridiculously low. To summarize, the org is a head who never understands how the feet move. They just do not care to learn or change.

So move on to 2022 and I have decided that this year I would not do a New Years Resolution, but instead, I would settle on a goal. The goal is to be more ME in everything I do.

So the BE MORE ME MOVEMENT has begun.

This year is about encouraging my creative side. Not waiting for the world to acknowledge that I exist. Pursuing my passions. Creating. Helping myself and other creators. More to come. Look out world, here I come.

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