Simple Sabotage

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Heidi Macomber reads the intro to the book Simple Sabotage by Robert M. Galford, Bob Frish & Cary Greene (2015), A modern field manual for detecting and rooting out everyday behaviors that undermine your workforce.

Today I am reading the intro to a great book by Robert M. Galford, Bob Frisch & Gary Greene titled Simple Sabotage. Don’t worry, this is not a book on how to sabotage others, it is instead a field guide for rooting out unintentional behaviors that break down your organization it also gives you some great tools to deal with them.

The list of 8 tactics to rooting out unintentional sabotage are fully discussed one tactic at a time, chapter by chapter and include the various stages (identify, calibrate, remediate, inoculate) to tackle the day to day routine interactions and processes that are undermined by unintentional sabotage.

Great read, fast read, and a keeper for your grab and go reference books.

Where to find the book… Amazon.

I like to double task. Whether I am on the go, headed to work or an event, or even the grocery store I am doing that task and reading a book. Audible has some great options for holiday gifts, and yes, this book, Simple Sabotage is available on Audible. Check it out.


Galford, R.M., Frisch, B. & Greene, C. (2015). Simple Sabotage.

**Please note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases**

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