The Human Side of Enterprise

I started reading the 25th Anniversary Printing of Douglas McGregor’s book, The Human Side of Enterprise (1985) today and decided to also record each chapter.

I’ll add all the chapters one by one as I read and record them to this post. I am fascinated by management theory and this was one of my books collected and stored on my shelf to read one day. In the past 7 years of moving (each year to a new state) for work, and now traveling and working via a 28′ Travel Trailer (that we are renovating), I have had to leave behind many cherished books that I never got the chance to read.

My new hobby of reading/recording my books (that started just the other day to share a great book with my husband), has turned in to a great journey into one of my favorite topics. If you have read my About Me page you will know that I have many passions and that Management theory (both old and new) is a big part of that.

So, here is my reading/recording of Chapter 1, Management and Scientific Knowledge. I hope you enjoy and will be as surprised as I (or maybe not) at how much things have NOT changed since 1985. I’m really looking forward to the rest of Part 1. The Theoretical Assumptions of Management (one down, three to go). This book has 3 Parts divided amongst 16 chapters. Let’s go!

Chapter 1 – Management and Scientific Knowledge, Douglas McGregor, The Human Side of Enterprise

Chapter 2 – Methods of Influence and Control, Douglas McGregor, The Human Side of Enterprise

  • Methods of Influence
  • The Limitations of Authority
  • The Psychology of Dependence
  • Role Relationships
  • From Physical Coercion to Selective Adaptation

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