Why Comply with Employment Laws?

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As you may know by now, I am always interested in anything related to people and employment. Today I am reading The Legal Context of Staffing by Jean M. Phillips and Stanley M. Gully   which is available in the SHRMStore and many other places online. This little book is part of the Staffing Strategically Series and the version I am reading is copyright 2009.

That’s just about a decade ago and the reason why I am so compelled to set the book down, literally on page 2 and share the summary in Table 1 which is also the title of this post, Why Comply with Employment Laws. There are 7 bulleted items and every one of them is just as key today as they were when the book was published 10 years ago.

Following employment law and staying current with employment law is important to every organization no matter the size because it helps align a solid people policy with the goals of the organization and those who work there. Below I have reproduced the table. Since my personal focus today is to review staffing law, I find this particularly useful as I consider staffing and recruitment of what was once non-traditional hiring but is now becoming the norm, contract staffing.

Why Comply with Employment Laws?
Complying with employment laws:

  • Enhances hiring quality
  • Enhances the company’s reputation and image as an employer
  • Promotes fairness perceptions among job candidates
  • Reduces spillover effects (such as when people who feel they were discriminated against tell others about their bad experience with the firm and discourage them from applying for jobs there or doing business with the firm)
  • Reinforces an ethical culture
  • Enhances organizational performance by ensuring that people are hired or not hired based on their qualifications, not biases
  • Promotes diversity, which can enhance an organization’s ability to appeal to a broader customer base

Everything underlined above reinforces what I believe is critical today more so than ever before in the business of employing people: quality, reputation, perception, tell others, ethical culture, qualifications not biases, diversity. If we keep these ideas in mind as we do the business of hiring and promotion, we will be a stronger organization that can weather economic upturns and downturns, social media, technology advancements and growth.

Do you know where your organization stands in regards to current employment law?

“If you don’t know where you are, a map won’t help.” ~ Watts Humphrey

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