DIY veggie scraps to Veggie Broth

Don’t you hate throwing away all those veggie scraps? Finally I found a way to get some delicious use out of them. I save them for the week and then make vegetable broth.

My first go round, I made way too much. As you can see from the pictures, I have far too many jars of finished broth to fit in the fridge so I may have to syphon off enough liquid from each jar to allow for freezing.

So what did I do? I simply took all my ends, peels, discarded bits that looked a little on the soft side for a salad. This includes lettuce, onions, carrots, celery, tomato. You get the idea. The only things I steered clear of were those veggies with strong overpowering tastes, like broccoli and cabbage. Maybe the cabbage would have been fine, but I went without and I am happy with my results.

Tonight I made a sort of Spanish Rice and used my veggie broth in place of the water. Wowie, this is normally a favorite family dish but it bumped it up a notch swapping out the water for broth.


Store in a glass jar or zip lock baggies all your usual veggie throw-aways. I use it if it doesn’t look like it has soured or molded. You will be surprised how much builds up in a week if you are a very green family. Maybe you will only go a few days if you don’t have room to put up all your broth. I read somewhere that you should never heat boil broth in traditional canning processes to store on a shelf (you can use pressure canners though), hence the need to freeze mine.

My veggies included: lettuce, carrot, onion (skins and all), tomato, celery, some parsley, bell pepper and leek. I wouldn’t use left over cucumber unless you peeled the skin off.

When you are ready to make broth, dump all those veggies in the bottom of your large pot. Then use estimation to calculate how much water you need. My veggies took up half the pot so I filled my water to within a few inches of the top. Mind you I had to keep poking the veggies down to keep them submerged as they cooked. Warning. Don’t fill to the top or you will have spillover.

I brought the pot to a low boil and then moved the temperature down to simmer on the lowest setting. I did this before bed and left the pot on over night. I did get up about 2am to check on my yummy smelling broth and everything was fine so I let it go until 5am when I got up.

I turned the burner off and moved the pot to another burner where I let the pot cool for several hours. When it was manageable I put a funnel in my largest glass jar and then draped a cheese cloth over it. Slowly I began using a soup ladle to scoop out the broth. I filled my jars one by one until I got to the bottom. I kept smashing the veggies to give up every last drop of broth. When I was done, I tossed the spent veggies and lidded my jars.

I did out of precaution decide to boil the glass jars for about 30 minutes and once they cooled I put what would fit in the fridge and what couldn’t in the freezer.

Hope you can save your veggie throwaways and make some yummy broth too. I ‘m quite happy with this broth making adventure and know that I no longer need to buy it. Perhaps bone broth is not to scary to try next?

Let me know how it goes if you give it a try.




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