Podcasting – figuring it out and documenting my steps with OneNote

hrlearningpodcastsubmitteditunesJust wanted to write a quick blurb today about my plans for including a how-to guide for setting up your own podcast using WordPress.com. I have purchased tutorials, watched too many YouTube videos and have spent the past two days trying to figure it all out. I am beyond happy to note that I finally, FINALLY was able to submit my podcast feed to iTunes!

Of course, that in itself does not mean I will get approved, it does mean a victory for me nonetheless, because there were so many hacks I attempted to make it work (based on well meaning and outdated instruction from others) that I feared in the end once it all went through (I am very committed to making it work) that I would not remember or be able to figure out what I did that finally worked.

recentnotesonenoteAn unexpected update this past Wednesday to my Microsoft Office 365 subscription that brought Microsoft OneNote into my life means I no longer have to worry about that concern.

I have been able to document every single attempt with this awesome new addition to the Microsoft Office program that I will never begin a learning and research adventure without it.

I have been purchasing the Office 365 annual subscription for the past few years and have wondered if it was still as useful when there were free office versions such as Google Docs. Now that OneNote showed up as an update in my Office365 subscription, I will be happily subscribing for the next year with no qualms about my options. Most of you know I am on a budget by now and every penny spent is highly considered. This one I could more than rationalize as it is going to help me with writing the content for the HR Learning Podcast and the other posts I write about here while I continue my search for work.

This will of course be another post that I hope to at least provide the basics on by Tuesday. OneNote is the tool you are going to want if you do any kind of research. Online students? I am telling you, this is going to save you time and headache! Watch for the tutorial in two days.

More later,


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