Stinky Feet Wool Socks to the Rescue

This is a super easy DIY for ridding the family of stinky feet.

I’ve survived three kids who participated in as many sports as they could possibly cram in to their schedules growing up. It was a crazy part of my life joining and supporting them in their respective athletic journeys. When I say support, I also mean, my participation as Project Manager, Laundress, Nutritionist, Travel Guide, Lender and Athlete Advocate and Coach.

It’s the laundress part of my support that I am writing about today. I would have to say that Hockey, Wrestling, Lacrosse, Soccer and Football weigh in as the stinkiest of sports to live with as everything, especially the socks STINK. And it is a never ending challenge to conquer. That smell gets everywhere, your car, your carpet, your AIR.

Had I only known about wool socks when my kids were in sports my life would have been improved significantly. Have you ever tried them? They aren’t just the scruffy old socks I remembered, especially when we’re talking Merino Wool.

As my family members have moved beyond high school and into the adult world the foot stank problem seems to have followed them. It took some experimenting but I have changed my sock buying ways and will never look back. Yes, wool socks may be expensive, but they are worth every penny. I even find the time to darn the heels old school style to make them last just a bit longer. *more on sock darning in another post.

My first wool socks were purchased from Costco in 2012 and I am just now needing to darn the heels. These are no longer available at Costco (last I checked) but they are on Amazon for around $25 for 4 pair. They are the best wool socks I’ve purchased to date.

Although most manufacturers recommend hand washing and drying, I never followed their advice. I toss our socks in with my regular wash and dry cycles and they have survived just fine.

If I were to suggest a tip, always look for something with at least 50% merino wool. I don’t get too fussy about the other materials when I can find this ratio. The higher the merino wool percentage, the more expensive your socks will be. I never ever buy 100% synthetic socks and believe it or not, pure cotton socks just get the biggest stink prize of all. If you’ve ever had to pull a crunchy pair of socks out of a dirty wad of jeans or worse yet, out of a hockey bag so ripe you have to hold your breath and move like a navy seal to get them to the laundry, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Hopefully if you are searching for a stink free solution to your families stank foot problems, this advice will help. Good luck and happy washing.

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