DIY Mashed Potato Salad

mashed-potato-salad-edOh this is not a pretty picture. But a picture was needed so, there it is.

I very rarely make anything with a potato these days as a family member cannot tolerate anything but the organic kind, in particular the golden potato. Potatoes it turns out are one of the worst culprits for harboring terrible pesticides. You just cannot rinse it off or peel the skin to get rid of it. This makes these little glorious items extremely expensive for my budget. About once every two weeks I’ll buy a bag at Sprouts (if they have them) and make boiled potatoes with pepper, celery and onion. I make the whole darn bag and we always have leftovers.

Leftovers aren’t a bad thing, it’s just a timing issue of deciding at what moment you pull them from the fridge and bag ’em up for the freezer for another meal. Since we are renting an apartment that did not come with a full size refrigerator, I have very limited room and I tend to move leftovers if they are still kicking around at the end of day two.

As with most of my leftovers I’ve tried to come up with a food item adaptation that we all decide we love to ensure that little makes it past day two.

Here is my Mashed Potato Salad Recipe.

1 bag organic golden potatoes, quartered (washed, scrubbed but not peeled)

1 large bell pepper (use whatever variety you’ve got)

1 onion chopped (we tend to have sweet)

2 stalks celery chopped

2 cups hot water

1 tsp Garlic powder

Salt & Pepper to taste

1 non-chick’n bouillon cube (I bought my box of 8 count  Edward & Sons Not-Chick’n (Rich golden broth and seasoning) at Sprouts for around $3. Amazon has it in a much bigger package if you cannot find it near you. I love this stuff.

 Don’t add this until Day Two: 1/2 to 1 Cup Just Mayo depending on how much potato you have left over  (I buy mine at either Target or Walmart for the best price)


Remember there are two steps here. The first task is to create the potatoes with veggies for the meal, the second step is to just add the mayo to the left overs to make the Mashed Potato Salad for the next day. My family cannot stay out of it and I have no worry at all that there will be any leftover Mashed Potato Salad after day two.

Instructions for 1st Meal

I put the potatoes on to boil and while they cook I chop the pepper, onion, and celery. I toss these in to a lightly veggie spray greased wok and cook until soft (about 5 minutes) then I add the hot water and the bouillon cube. Whisk until it dissolves.

When the potatoes are soft I strain and add them to the wok with the veggies and broth. While in the pan I break them down into smaller size chunks. Go for whatever your preference is here.

Instructions for Day Two Leftovers which become Mashed Potato Salad

All you have to do here is add the mayo to the leftover potatoes and mix well. How much depends on your taste preference and of course quantity of potato leftover.  Chill. Let the family have at it.

*I wanted to comment on why this works especially well for our family. I plan to do a post later on food allergies but for now suffice to say that it is really really hard to find potato salad at the store that does not have any corn syrup or corn starch in it. Gross, I know but there you have it.This short cut method saves me money, reduces waste and makes my family happy.

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