Fermenting Pickles DIY Gut Shot Probiotics

So we love WholeFoods but since we live in the West Valley in Arizona, the closest store is easily 45 minutes to an hours drive away depending on traffic.

farmhouse-culture We started getting in to lacto-fermented foods and probiotics a couple of months ago and one of the first products we tried was Garlic Dill Pickle Gut Shot by Farmhouse Culture. I think this cost around $7 and we could only find it at WholeFoods. My husband and I both did a shot in the morning before work but couldn’t do the 3 to 5 shots recommended daily as we would run out way too soon. We were eager to introduce probiotics based on all the good stuff we were reading about how they contribute to what is called the human microbiome. For me, I was really interested in better general digestive health. My husband works in healthcare so his interests included ramping up his immune system.

I stumbled upon a recipe (pretty close) for this when I started making lacto fermented dill pickles. The basic lacto fermented dill pickle recipe is easily found online (see the recipe base I used below). What I did different was add maybe 12 garlic cloves and probably a half a sweet onion cut into thin slices. I used the whey that I strained off of organic whole yogurt as my culture (see recipe link below). I used pickling dills cut in 1/2″ slices (and made sure to cut off the stem ends, I did not need any grape leaves). I stuffed the dill in the jar, the other spices, the pickles, the whey and the water. The hardest part was figuring out how to keep the pickles submerged in the brine. I stuffed rubber bottle lids in my jars and that did the trick. If you are not as adventurous you might look in to fermentation weights, although they can get costly. Cover tightly. It took 3 days and the pickles were done.

feemented-picklesI don’t know about you but I have never been able to make a crisp pickle in my life, until now. These pickles are my new fav. But, even better than the pickles is the brine they cured in, taste it and you will find that it tastes just about like the Farmhouse Culture Garlic and Dill Pickle Gut Shot. Bamm. We will have Gut Shot whenever we want from now on. All I did was strain the liquid and now keep it in the Farmhouse Culture jar that I recycled. I plan to experiment with the beet and ginger recipe and will post my findings here soon with the results.

Happy fermenting.


If you want to make your own whey, these are the instructions I used from Wellnessmama.com .

I used the recipe from TheNourishingCook as a base to come up with my Gut Shot recipe. Find her Fermented Cucumber Recipe here.

I just ordered this FARMcurious Mason Jar Mold Free  fermenting kits from Amazon as I want to explore fermenting other vegetables as well as Kefit Water.  They just arrived today and look pretty cool. I will do a post when I make beet kvass using these.


2 thoughts on “Fermenting Pickles DIY Gut Shot Probiotics

  1. Thank you! I lived fairly close to Santa cruz so could even get their products at a farmers market. Alas I came to Arkansas a year ago to take care of a relative but luckily Gut shots were at local Wal-Mart. No longer – not even live sauerkraut at any stores. So happy to find your recipe as I am pretty addicted to the garlic dill pickle one but I can’t pay $20 a bottle to amazon 😦


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