Keeping busy, saving $, seeking work


Today is Thursday, 10/6/16. So far today I’ve made the first half of Grog (more on this later), hand sewed a small lens cover and finished the 2 lens adjustable transporter that I designed for my daughter’s upcoming trip to Paris, vacuumed the entire house and started research on drop-shipping.  I also started the 2nd ferment on my kefir water (probiotics) which I am now adding to the Grog. DIY is awesome. I am making the things I can no longer afford to buy and turns out, I’m saving big $. And Yes! My stuff is better :-).

Job Seeking Update. A final interview from a week ago seems to have slipped into the deep application void as I did not receive a reply. I have sent out 10 applications this week, all of which took atleast an hour to complete. I went on two interviews. Trying to keep my head up and keep my mind in the present. *More on this in another post. Staying focused on the present is helping and I cannot believe how much information there is out there on the topic.

Staying Positive. Persevering. So today I’m still not giving up.  I refuse to let my employment situation get me down. I’m doing more research on Teach For America (TFA), something I started a few days ago. I have learned the deadline to apply is kefir-water-2nd-fermentOctober 19th, so just shy of two weeks from now the app is due.

Education. Even though my education has not yet earned me a career, I do so love learning.  I love everything about it. I love hard bound college books like my sisters love McKenzie Child’s annual barn sale. I also love that anticipation and start of a new class and all that will be explored. I love waiting for the grade after submitting an assignment, especially those assignments that almost kill me.

I am sad that many young people look at college as nothing more than a financial trap. A gamble. Or perhaps just another reprieve before joining the real world. There are risks, but I feel that you have a large degree of control.  Much more than I ever knew when I was a student. If you commit, I recommend treating your education like you are the boss and your learning is your company. In this way, you will come out of it as an employable, highly knowledgeable recruit. (See my comments on making sure you get experience while you learn.)

More later. We’re trying to cut meat out of dinner at least 3 nights a week and I still have no idea what I’m making yet.

My words to the unemployed but seeking (UBS), keep your chin up. Think positive thoughts. Try to keep busy. I strongly agree that you are what you think. If you think you suck, then you do, and vise versa. Tell yourself you are great and keep on telling yourself. If you don’t believe in you, then who will?


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